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Alien - Destroyer of Worlds was our first story that we played while recording ourselves. We used that experience to learn how to use software like OBS and OBS Ninja, Audacity, and Reaper to turn our regular Tuesday night game into a podcast.

The story follows a squad of Colonial Marines on a refining world at the edge of Colonial space. The colony has mostly been evacuated and an insurgent group is fighting the authorities that are left on-world. Into the cold and snowy night, the Colonial Marines are sent to recover or terminate a squad of fellow marines gone AWOL.

What starts out as a simple mission quickly descends into one of horror survival as they find that not only has the colony been infested with terrifying xenomorphs but a more sinister plan has been put into motion that will pit marine against marine.

Oh yeah, and a rival government, the UPP, invades the planet as well. Fun times.


It's Always Cloudy in Kalisz is the second story arc from the Advanced Age Roleplaying Gamers Podcast. The story is set in Free League Publishing's Twilight 2000 4th Edition (Alpha, Beta, and Final Rules) a  re-vitalized take on the 1980's classic RPG.

It's Always Cloudy in Kalisz follows a group of survivors thrown together by the horror and violence of World War III. Set in Poland, the small group meets in an abandoned building on a farm, the morning after NATO forces were beaten back by the Soviet military near Kalisz.

AARPG Podcast party commission.jpg

Imagine if you will if Spinal Tap had a baby with Middle Earth, that about sums up Sex, Drugs, and Saving Throws. It is a story about a mostly Lawful kingdom beset by invading forces of chaos and the heavy metal band destined to...well, no one really knows.

When they are not trying to score their next show or stash of illicit substances, this motley but intrepid band of adventures is trying to not get eaten, boiled alive, cursed, or worse yet, stuck listening to soft jazz. So pull up your acid wash jeans, get out that hairspray and prepare for a very metal walk through this homebrew fantasy world.


AARPG took the plunge into one of our cast member's favorite TTRPGs, Battle Lords of the 23rd Century. In a universe filled with colorful species, our heroes are over-equipped and under-trained in a system where you play two characters, your character is one and your suit of armor is another. From disco lasers, chain saws, to crotch-mounted F-cannons, our cast of characters found a multitude of ways to kill just about anything they came across and almost each other.

ATF Teaser Image.png

The AARPG returns to the Alien gaming system from Free League, this time to take on an adventure from the Colonial Marines Handbook, the Arcturian Apocalypse. In this story, a new group of marines finds themselves in a hodgepodge unit sent to stop a cult of doomsday cultists from destroying the sacred artifacts of the only known aliens in the universe, the Arcturian's. However, there are greater mysteries and deadlier creatures waiting in the ancient resting places of the Arcturian's gods. Welcome back to Alien!!!

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