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Battle Lords Setting

Nathan, Tyr and Chris of the AARPGs spend some quality time talking to Tony, Dave and Kurt from 23rd Century Productions about the Kickstarter/7th Edition of Battlelords of the 23rd Century. We share some of the history of the game as well as our own personal experiences playing Battlelords and our collective history of growing up with TTRPGs.

The AARPGs bring back Tony, Dave and Kurt from 23rd Century Productions to talk about updates to their successful Kickstarter for Fully Armored and the upcoming Savage Worlds port of Battlelords of the 23rd Century. It was a lot of fun to have them back and talk about their projects, as well as, a little bit about our experiences playing in the dark and humorous Battlelords setting for an upcoming Actual Play season.

Session Zero

Mistakes Were Made

We re-join our would-be Battle Lords as they have found out that the rodent infestation might be a little more than they had bargained for.

We re-join our would-be Battle Lords as the battle moves to a shaft filled with flaming aliens and a lot of F-Cannon Goo. Rockets will be fired in close spaces and mistakes will be made.

We re-join our would-be Battle Lords as they wander around lost in the underbelly of the pleasure station. Delsanto, the Chatilian psychic uses his mind to reach out into the void and gives the players a choice - head to the small grouping of life forms, or the much, much larger grouping of life forms. You can guess which way the group went. Actions were taken and mistakes will be made, and when all hell breaks loose, you know who you have to call - Space OSHA!

The Battle Lords have found themselves out of the giant space rat/bug frying pan and into the buffet fire as they burst into a dining room filled with passed out guests and goo throwing pirates. Some of the Battle Lords will shine as epic heroes, while others will pound their F-Cannon or dance with the double-aught. Mistakes and rage rolls were made!

Crystal Fight 01.JPG
Crystal Fight 02.JPG
Crystal Fight 03.JPG

The band of misfit Battlelord wannabees continue their battle through the dining hall as not just pirates, but a growing number of genetically modified super bugs start to join the party. It is a buffet of of violence as the pirates realize that mistakes were made and that they chose the wrong pleasure station to rob.

The group of Battlelord wannabees have pretty much taken out all of the pirates, but remember that room with the smaller set of life forms? Well apparently it was chock full of more alien bug-rats and they have all decided to show up for dinner. Pull doors will be pushed, and the goo will fly, not always to its intended target. It is clear that mistakes were made by choosing to go to the dining room first and now it is time to pay the consequences.

The Battle Lords have taken out the pirates, mostly, but now a horde of alien rat/bugs are pouring into the dining room looking for dinner.

With the Pirates mostly defeated and what appears to be an never-ending stream of genetically engineered super bugs...uh I mean rats, floating into the dining room some of our stalwart heroes look for ways to defend the helpless passengers, while others begin to contemplate what treasures might wait for them in the pockets of all of these sleeping or dead people. Time to roll up your battle armor sleeves and do a little Wallet Fishin.

Our Battlelords have faced genetically enhanced space bugs...uh, I mean rats, pirates, and the occasionally berserk Fott; but, in this episode, the party will face its greatest challenge ever. It will defy logic, skill, and force of arms, leaving our Battlelords at the very brink of defeat. You have heard of a Total Party Kill, well good listeners, prepare yourself for a TPD - Total Party Door!

The race to both stop the remaining pirates from escaping and to fend off what seems like an endless stream of genetically engineered space bugs...rodents continues in the shuttle bay and the adjacent access shaft. Goo will fly and hair will singe in this fever pitched battle royal.

The end is at hand. Something wild and untamed, full of fury is looking to kill everyone on board the station, oh yeah, and there is also the giant mother alien. It is going to be mayhem, explosions, and failed rage checks galore in the final installment of "Mistakes Were Made".

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