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Welcome to the Current Story Page! This is where you can find episodes related to the current AARPG story arc. You can also find previous stories and interviews by clicking on the links below.

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Step into the rich tapestry of Dragonbane RPG as our actual play podcast unfolds in the Misty Vale, a region steeped in history as the heart of the Dragon Empire thousands of years ago. Join our diverse band of adventurers—

Dane, the astute human scholar; Quiverwing, the Mallard Mage; Brains, the Wolfkin Thief; Sigyn, the Elven Huntress; Karyn, the Halfling Bard; Korgan, the Halfling Fighter; and Balor, the Dwarven Smith.

Together, we’ll explore the ancient secrets of a long forgotten empire, facing challenges and forging our destiny in a world where every castle, cave and crypt holds echoes of a bygone era.

Get ready for an epic journey filled with laughter, suspense, and unforgettable moments in the Misty Vale!"

Join us for Mirth, Magic & Mayhem! 
(Ankor och Åsnor)


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