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Alien - Destroyer of Worlds was our first story that we played while recording ourselves. We used that experience to learn how to use software like OBS and OBS Ninja, Audacity, and Reaper to turn our regular Tuesday night game into a podcast.

The story follows a squad of Colonial Marines on a refining world at the edge of Colonial space. The colony has mostly been evacuated and an insurgent group is fighting the authorities that are left on-world. Into the cold and snowy night, the Colonial Marines are sent to recover or terminate a squad of fellow marines gone AWOL.

What starts out as a simple mission quickly descends into one of horror survival as they find that not only has the colony been infested with terrifying xenomorphs but a more sinister plan has been put into motion that will pit marine against marine.

Oh yeah, and a rival government, the UPP, invades the planet as well. Fun times.

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