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Twilight 2000 4e It's Always Cloudy in Kalisz - EP07 - "Broken Arrow"

The episode starts as the companions have just finished their toast to being alive. Axel joined Minka on the roof while Blanco and Zofie got some much needed sleep. Mason talked to Pavlov about what they should do next. After some discussion Mason convinced Pavlov that they should cut their losses, and, instead of seeking out the college, they should focus on getting Zofie back home. Pavlov agreed, but pointed out that they still needed to find a way to get around the college, and the Russians, and that fuel was going to be a problem. Minka and Axel bemoaned the current state of humanity, not understanding why humans opted to descend into selfish madness rather than work to rebuild and help each other. When Axel and Minka came down from the roof the four discussed the way forward, although Minka wanted to go after the college or try to ambush them, she finally agreed to forgo revenge, for now. The group also decided they would not go after Razdick for most likely selling them out to the college. Finally the group all fell asleep in the small garage.

A few hours before light, the group packed up and pushed the Humvee down the road until it was out of sight of the church steeple in Ostrzeszow before they cranked it up and made their way slowly west, and then southwest in a wide arc. By daylight the group arrived at the scene of an old tank battle. Tanks and other vehicles, all just hulks, littered the road and adjacent fields. The group decided that they would pull Miserable Beast into the woods and then go out and scavenge the vehicle graveyard for fuel or other supplies. While driving through the woods Miserable Beast ran over something hard. Getting out to check to see what it was, Mason discovers that they have just run over a plane’s wing.

Upon further examination, the group found that the plane had crashed through the forest and had come to rest in pieces in a series of water-filled craters. Mason and Blanco went to investigate the plane, while Zofie and Minka went hunting. Axel did a quick search of the aircraft debris field and was able to locate some fuel still contained in a wing segment. Pavlov went looking for some fresh water but came up empty handed. Zofie and Minka had much better luck, scoring two rabbits.

Mason and Blanco had to wade through the water to get into the plane, but they discovered that it was a Russian cargo plane. Inside, still tied down, was a large shipping container marked with a radiation warning symbol. This confirmed the group's suspicions that the college was looking for a nuclear warhead, and it was just sitting right in front of them. The group now had to make a decision about what they were going to do. If they just found a nuclear bomb, the one that the college was looking for, what should they do next?

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