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Welcome to the Advanced Age Roleplaying Gamers Podcast!

Hello and welcome to the Advanced Age Roleplaying Gamers Podcast. We are a group of friends who have been playing roleplaying games off and on together and with other friends for nearly 40 years. We love all things geek - roleplaying, video games, cheesy sci-fi and fantasy movies, and all kinds of tech toys.


The pandemic has changed all of our lives but one small silver lining has been that we have been forced to get out of our comfort zone of pen and paper (and 3D printing) and join the world of Virtual Table Tops and online video calls. It was a bit of a learning curve; however, the benefit has been that it is much easier now for us to get together and game. Life, with all of its challenges - work, kids, school, bills and the fact that we no longer live that close to each other made it difficult to play in-person games consistently. Programs like Roll20, Discord, and OBS have enabled us to get together and share one of our favorite pastimes.

About the same time that the pandemic struck we had more time on our hands and we discovered real-play podcasts. It didn't take long for us to come to the conclusion that we could do it too. It has been a steep learning curve but we have really enjoyed learning new skills and technologies to help bring our stories to the rest of the world. So tune in and let us pull back the curtain and share our stories, insights, and love of all things geek. Welcome to Advanced Age Roleplaying Gamers Podcast.


Most Recent Episode

It's Time!!!! The New Story Starts Now!!!

DB Postcard.png

Step into the rich tapestry of Dragonbane RPG as our actual play podcast unfolds in the Misty Vale, a region steeped in history as the heart of the Dragon Empire thousands of years ago. Join our diverse band of adventurers—

Dane, the astute human scholar; Quiverwing, the Mallard Mage; Brains, the Wolfkin Thief; Sigyn, the Elven Huntress; Karyn, the Halfling Bard; Korgan, the Halfling Fighter; and Balor, the Dwarven Smith.

Together, we’ll explore the ancient secrets of a long forgotten empire, facing challenges and forging our destiny in a world where every castle, cave and crypt holds echoes of a bygone era.

Get ready for an epic journey filled with laughter, suspense, and unforgettable moments in the Misty Vale!"

Join us for Mirth, Magic & Mayhem! 
(Ankor och Åsnor)

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#ttrpgfamily ##ttrpgs

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